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We Be Christmas is a one stop shop for the holidays, offering a variety of indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations, artificial trees, lights of nearly every color, and unique ornaments. Whether preparing for a large get together, or just celebrating the season with a few close loved ones, We Be Christmas can provide everything needed for the perfect holiday celebration. 
Although people look forward to this beloved holiday each year, many don’t know the evolution of Christmas decorations in America.
As America grew in the 1800s and the population became more diverse, traditions from Europe were being embraced here. In 1880, F.W. Woolworth received his first shipment of glass ornaments, silver foil icicles, crinkly wire tinsel and garlands of small Czechoslovakian beads to decorate his customers' Christmas trees. These Christmas decorations were very popular and sold out quickly. In 1884 Charles Dudley Warner wrote about America's Christmas and the Europe traditions, "We have saved out of the past nearly all that was good in it". The popular magazines of the times began to celebrate Old St. Nick in fable and illustrations. Santa’s sleigh and reindeer were described in Clement Clarke Moore’s poem “Twas The Night Before Christmas”. Coka Cola asked a clothing company, Halco to make a Santa suit for an upcoming advertising campaign. The Santa suit that Halco made has become the American vision of Santa Claus today.

New Products

Christmas Mini Light Storage Container

Sale Price: $38.83
Manufacturer’s Price: $49.99
You Save: $11.16 (22.32%)
The Christmas mini light storage container are 15 inches long, 12 inches high, and 12 inches wide. It can hold approximately 100 feet, per spool, of holiday lights.

Medium Colorful Storage Boxes

Sale Price: $41.41
Manufacturer’s Price: $55.99
You Save: $14.58 (26.04%)
This medium colorful storage boxes are made with heavy duty 80 point chip board. This decorative cardboard storage boxes have red rope handles for easy lifting.

Large Christmas Storage Boxes.

Sale Price: $53.31
Manufacturer’s Price: $54.99
You Save: $1.68 (3.06%)
This large Christmas storage boxes are made with heavy duty 80 point chip board. This decorative cardboard storage boxes have red rope handles on the side.

Christmas Small Storage Boxes.

Sale Price: $21.21
Manufacturer’s Price: $36.00
You Save: $14.79 (41.08%)
This Christmas small storage boxes are made with heavy duty 56 point chip board. The holiday storage box is laminated with a textured 60 pound paper.

24 Anti Tarnish Tissue Paper Sheets.

Sale Price: $6.11
Manufacturer’s Price: $9.99
You Save: $3.88 (38.84%)
The acid free tissue pager comes in a pack of 24 sheets that is 24 by 36 inches. Our thicker and softer 12 pound weight anti tarnish tissue is used when finishes are to be preserved for a long period of time.

Multi Use Tree Keeper Storage Bags.

Sale Price: $63.32
Manufacturer’s Price: $69.00
You Save: $5.68 (8.23%)
The holiday storage container with wheels is large enough to fit your wreaths and garlands. This dimensions are 36 Inches long, 24 Inches tall and 17 Inches deep.

Christmas has always held a special place in America’s heart.

The holiday celebrations aren’t complete without the iconic Christmas decorations everyone loves so dearly. Want to share the holiday spirit? We Be Christmas has a huge assortment of life sized figurines like nutcrackers, snowmen, gift boxes, reindeer, and a variety of Santa Clause’s. There’s snowflakes and ribbon to hang from trees, and plenty of oversized Christmas ornaments, like icicles and colored balls. Inside the home, garlands, holly, mistletoe, colorful beads and holiday figurines can provide a welcome setting for any festivities. 
No Christmas is complete without the tree, and artificial Christmas trees have come a long way in the last couple decades. Now, they are nearly indistinguishable from natural trees, except that they don’t require watering, they don’t shed needles, and they remain beautiful and hold their color and form throughout the season. We Be Christmas has a tree for every home, including firs, pines, spruces, giant Grand Tetons and Vermont’s. They can come pre-lit or flocked for added convenience and beauty. 
And no tree is complete without a variety of Christmas ornaments reflecting memories of years gone by. We Be Christmas has an ornament for every person in every family. There are the familiar glass balls in an assortment of colors, sparking snowflakes, and dazzling tinsel, and there are also ornaments for people who love animals, or the outdoors, or just about anything else. Decorating the Christmas tree can be a family favorite as everyone reminisces about their favorite ornaments and what they represent. This is the perfect tradition for bringing everyone together. 
Inside and out, lights are what really make the season shine, and We Be Christmas has them in nearly every color and size imaginable. Lights that race, blink, or dance in synch with music can provide an extra bit of energy in a decorative layout, making the home stand out at night. And, of course, with more light, it will be easier to see all of those beautiful decorations. Christmas lights also offer an elegant and festive touch inside the home. Whether strung around banisters with garland, or lighting a mantel, they add a bright and cheery feel to any room.