Artificial Christmas Trees

As the tree tends to be the central focus of any home during the holidays, artificial Christmas trees have come a long way over the decades. There are more choices now than there have ever been, making the decision for consumers a difficult one. Knowing the various types available can help narrow down the options and help decorators choose the best tree for their needs.


A pre-lit tree can help cut one of the most time consuming aspects of tree decorating out of the picture and gives the decorator a solid, pre-lit base to work with. Most are realistic looking artificial pine with clear or multi colored lights. An LED pre-lit tree is made with LED lights that contain no filaments, meaning the lights will last much longer than traditional bulbs. These are convenient as they are plug-and-go.

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Unlit artificial Christmas trees offer the convenience of an artificial tree without the limitations of a pre-lit tree. The lack of lights offer a more natural look, since the decorator can string lights however they would like, the same as they would with a natural tree. With an unlit tree, the lights can be changed as frequently as the decorator would like to match the changing decor theme over the years.

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One of the most popular styles in modern decor is the slim (also known as a pencil) tree. With the same realistic pine look as a standard tree, the pencil tree is usually two to three times taller than it is wide, meaning it can fit in smaller homes, apartments, offices, etc. The compact size also means multiple slim trees can be put up together to line a window or fill a section of a room with multiple color schemes or themes.

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The Rockefeller Center tree may be the most well-known commercial tree out there, but most may not know that any building or office can have a giant, towering tree too! A commercial tree can be featured indoors or out and are usually enormous in size, making their statement breathtaking.

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Small/Table Top

For offices, apartments, kids rooms or patio tables, small and table top artificial Christmas trees are the perfect answer to limited space. They can look realistic or artistic and are made of plastic or other materials like foil and tinsel.

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Flocking is not limited to real trees anymore! Flocked, also known as frosted, is a tree that offers that perfect White Christmas look! Bringing the look of a fresh snowfall into the home is just what’s needed for a traditional, winter holiday.

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Potted artificial Christmas trees have pre-attached bases that help the tree stand up without the need for a stand or skirt. The bases can vary from classic pot shapes to burlap wrapped bundles with bows. These are perfect for a table or to line a path or hallway.

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Unique Artificial Christmas Trees

For a more whimsical or distinctive look, a unique tree is the way to go. Made of brightly colored tinsel or sparkling glitter, a colored tree is perfect for the bold decorator. A metal tree brings an industrial, modern feel to the home. Topiaries are great for the garden or indoors for the nature lover. If one is really adventurous an upside down tree will be the hit of any holiday party. They hang from the ceiling and make great conversation pieces. A lit palm tree makes a tropical holiday, can we say, “Mele Kalikimaka!” Or celebrate your faith with a cross tree.

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Once the perfect tree has been selected, complete the look and functionality with a wide variety of accessories. Long-lasting accessories specific to the tree are one of the many benefits of artificial Christmas trees. For a real tree, a new stand may need to be purchased each year depending on the size of the trunk. However, with a reusable tree, the same stand can be used year after year. A tree skirt matching the decor aesthetic completes the look.

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Storage bags or bins are helpful to keep the tree from getting damaged. With the vast variety of bags and bins available, it is best to pick one that is not too large for the tree. The tree is safest when kept securely, but not squished, into a water and weather proof container.

Regardless of what one is looking for, there is practically an endless array of styles, sizes and themes offered in the realm of artificial Christmas trees. To choose the right one, simply assess the space the tree will need to fit and decide on a design aesthetic to narrow down the choices. No matter what tree is chosen, the holiday will be brighter and more festive thanks to the perfect tree.

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