These Alpine twig Christmas trees look great year around.

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3 foot Unlit Alpine Trees

This small 3 foot Swiss village Alpine Tree comes with no lights. It has a faux bark tree trunk with long thin wire branches. 

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$38.87 $59.99
Save 35.21%

2 foot Unlit Alpine Table Trees

The 2 foot table Alpine trees come unlit and a square metal stand is also included.

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$24.91 $39.99
Save 37.71%

Set of 3 Unlit Alpine or Alberta Designer Trees

The Alberta or Alpine display tree comes with 3 unlite trees attached together. The three faux tree trunks are attached to a sturdy steel base. This tree set has one 4 foot, one 5 foot and one 6 foot display tree...

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$185.00 $231.25
Save 20.00%

Set of Three Unlit Alberta or Alpine Trees

The Alpine tree comes with three sizes of trees put together on a sturdy steel base. There are a total of 633 branch tips. There areRead more

$95.00 $118.75
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Unlit 5 Foot Bed Rock Disigner Tree

This Bed Rock Pine designer tree is 5 foot tall. It has small dark green PE tree needles. The branches use a stiff wire for holding heavier ornaments. The tree ...

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$231.11 $299.00
Save 22.71%

6 Foot Unlit Alpine Tree with cones/twigs

The 6 foot Alpine tree comes with no llights on it. Twigs and pine cones are added to give the tree a more outdoor look. The tree comes with a faux bark tree trunk. Included witht he tree is a strong metal tree s...

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$87.73 $112.99
Save 22.36%

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