What Are The Benefits Of Using Battery Operated Candles?

Homeowners everywhere are enjoying the golden glow of firelight throughout the holiday season without the danger of a conventional candle thanks to battery operated candles. Without the hassle of worrying about fire safety, these flameless candles are realistic looking and stunningly beautiful. LED light bulbs help to mimic the look of a real flame, giving any room the ambience of candlelight. Available in many sizes, shapes, and colors, the flameless candle is a great alternative as it can be used in many ways that would be considered unsafe for a candle with a traditional wick and flame.

Use in Flame Prohibited Areas

Soft Realistic LED Unique Flameless Battery Operated Candles With Dripping Wax For Sale OnlineThough the look and feel of a candle is desired by many, some people are limited to where they can light a candle due to buildings or rooms where flame is prohibited. Some offices, schools, dorm rooms, hotels, hospitals, and churches have regulations that do not allow flames in certain areas. Often this is due to safety concerns. With a flameless candle, one can decorate for the holidays or just bring a cozy feel to any room, regardless of flame regulations. Bringing the warm glow of home to a stark hospital room or a corporate office can help boost happiness. Allowing church goers to have candlelight ceremonies helps to foster tradition without putting anyone at risk.

Use for Longer Periods of Time

Some people find candlelight to be very comforting and calming. Sinking into a hot bath, watching a long movie, or laying down for a good night’s sleep with a candle flickering can be soothing, however there are risks to burning a conventional candle for long periods of time. Burns, hot wax, and fire are all legitimate concerns. Battery operated candles give the user more flexibility, allowing them to leave them on all night if they wish. Forgo the traditional night light and consider a flameless candle for the bathroom or a child’s room.

Use Around Children and Pets

The safety of our family is always top priority. People often choose to purchase battery operated candles as a preventative safety measure for houses with kids and pets. Children explore the world with their hands, grabbing at anything and everything. Hot wax burns and fire risks are very high as a result. Pets can potentially knock over a burning candle, risking setting the house on fire and injuring themselves and others in the home. A flameless candle eliminates those concerns without sacrificing the ambience a candle provides.


Purchase Case of 25 Large Wholesale Tealite Battery Operated Candles NowA full sized traditional candle can cost anywhere from $5-$40 and only burns for a certain amount of time. Once it has been burned, it is simply tossed out and a new one must be purchased. With battery operated candles there is no need for budgeting concerns as they can be reused over and over again.


The most fun benefit of a flameless candle is its versatility to be used as a decoration! Decorators can let their imaginations go wild, as battery operated candles can be used in ways that would be hazardous to use a traditional candle. For instance, place a flameless candle on a window sill for a glow that can be seen both inside and outside the home. Or place flameless tea lights within garland along the mantle for a subtle hint of firelight. These are just a couple ideas, but the possibilities are endless on the ways to safely incorporate candlelight in a home’s décor.

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