How To Use Battery Operated Christmas Lights All Year

Battery operated Christmas lights are a popular option during the holidays. However, due to many online crafting websites, their demand is increasing throughout the rest of the year. 50 Battery Operated Christmas Lights & Cordless LED Light SetsBattery operated Christmas lights are small and compact and come in a single strand. Commonly found strands are in white and multi-colored, but other solid colors are starting to emerge like purple, green, blue and orange. There are two main light types; either mini bulbs or LEDs. Bulb types range in the usual format, including globe, C3, icicle, and now a variety of novelty bulbs are available as well.

For years, battery operated Christmas lights were not widely used. Even though they have been around for some time, customers didn’t care for their dimmer appearance or the lack of longevity. Thanks to technological advancements and LEDs, the bulbs are now brighter, and they utilize less battery power, meaning a longer battery life.

During the holidays, it is common to see the strands in various crafts like on a mini table top tree, inside of a small arrangement, apothecary snow globes, in decorative glass blocks, or brightening up a wreath. People will often use these to illuminate their villages or nativity sets. Even motorists have taken to putting them inside their cars or on a wreath adorning their grill to add even more holiday cheer.

But beyond these uses, what are some other creative ways to use battery operated Christmas lights? Due to their compact size, taking a strand and placing it inside a clear or blue Mason jar gives the appearance of fireflies. Take that same Mason jar and coat the inside with some glue and glitter, let it dry thoroughly, then add a strand of lights inside and they now become captured fairies, delighting a child’s imagination. Another way to use these strands in a child’s craft is by creating a night light out of them. By taking an old tin can and drilling several holes all the way around and then placing one of these strands of any color inside, this creates just enough illumination in the child’s room to keep the monsters away and the child sleeping.  Some artists that work on canvas make small holes for the bulbs to fit through. Turn on the strand and the bulbs can look like stars, form a letter, or simply add some illumination to the piece. Wine connoisseur will take empty wine bottles and fill them with a strand or two of white, purple or red bulbs. These illuminated wine bottles can be a centerpiece for a table indoors or out, or used as an accent piece in the kitchen. Many designers will use them throughout the year in various centerpieces, whether it is a lantern filled with pinecones or a vase filled with flowers.

Some other unique ways to use this type of illumination are inside a shadow box, hanging basket, or as accent illumination. There literally hundreds of ways in which to utilize these strands throughout the year. So find an online store that offers battery operated Christmas lights year round and let your creative juices flow, no matter what time of year it is.

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