5 Ways To Use Battery Operated LED Lights When Decorating

Battery operated LED lights have become a decorator’s favorite. Their versatility is amazing, and the biggest benefit is that they don’t require an outlet to work. They are finding their usefulness throughout the year and are no longer limited to just the holiday season. However, the Christmas season is where these strands really shine.

Here are 5 ways to use battery operated LED lights when decorating:

50 Cordless Battery Operated LED Lights Set For Sale Online!In a Wreath or Garland

These smaller strands of wireless illumination can be tucked into a wreath and garland to brighten them up. It also enables the ability to decorate with wreaths in areas of the home that have been a challenge before, say on a guest room door, a coat closet, or when hanging an illuminated wreath from the top of a large mirror in the entryway. The same could be said about garland. Tuck the strands into the garland and dress the banister, mantle, or the tops of the cabinets in the kitchen.

In Centerpieces

Battery operated LED lights are an excellent way to add illumination to a centerpiece. Their cordless ability gives extra light when either a candle is not lit, or when there is no other source of illumination. They can also add a whimsy touch to the holiday buffet. Whether it is trimming the tri-tiered dessert tray, or nestling a strand beneath the edges of the turkey platter, these strands can help add cheer to the table décor.

In Existing Candles

Hurricane candles often have a large space between the candle and the glass. People often fill this void with other decorative items, and these light strands are no exception. They are a great way to add an extra dimension of light when placed around the base of the candle.  They can also help to fill in the gaps of other items that are already being used to decorate the candle.

Buy Multi Colored Globe Battery Operated LED Lights Online Today!In Other Decorations

Battery powered lights can add a nice touch to nearly any item that wouldn’t regularly have it to help bring new life to the piece. Many people are taking to apothecary jars, globes, and mason jars to decorate their homes for the Christmas season. Battery operated LED lights offer a subtle glow to a wintery village scene, a favorite plant, or as the centerpiece themselves when mimicking caught fireflies or captured fairies.

Outside the Home

Since these strands are cordless, they are the perfect way to brighten up the wreath on the front door. Now the worry of how to hide those unsightly cords while beautifying the porch is eliminated. They also look great nestled inside large lanterns filled with pinecones or glass ball ornaments. Even large poinsettia planters can be safely illuminated with these strands.

Beyond the fact that battery operated LED lights are cordless, there are a few other benefits to using these strands. The battery life is prolonged since the bulbs are LED and not conventional. So in most cases, one or two sets of batteries will be enough to get through the entire holiday season. They are also compatible with rechargeable batteries. These bulbs emit little to no heat as well. So they are safe to use in places that traditional strands may gain some concern.

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