The Advantages Of Using Battery Operated Lights For Decorating

Battery operated lights have come a long way in recent years. Gone away are the days of ill-lit strands that last only hours before needing new batteries. Modern technology and LEDs have advanced this product into the future, and now cordless lights are something that are used in a variety of ways.

50 LED Battery Operated Lights SetFor a long time, people who wanted a romantic glow of a candle were stuck with striking a match and dealing with residue and the safety issue of an unattended flame. Unattended candles have been the cause of numerous fires, and tragically, the cause of many deaths. So the implementation of battery operated lights has given people the look they have wanted without the worry of fire. And there is a myriad of uses of flameless candles. They can be used alone or in existing decorations. In Christmas decorations they can be used in a hurricane lamp in the middle of a centerpiece, and tea light versions can be scattered among garland on the mantle or among a beaded garland down the middle of the table. Large and small candles can be used in mason jars, lanterns, globes, and vases. Small battery operated tea lights can even be used as ornaments as well. The flame portion is the nose of a reindeer, snowman, or even Santa, and the rest of the candle is decorated appropriately.

In Christmas light form, battery operation has enabled crafters and decorators to illuminate their items where candles were not a viable option. Take wreaths for example. Using a strand of cordless lights is now the standard of choice. Now a homeowner doesn’t have to run the cord under the door if there is no exterior outlet and worry about fraying the cord, also a potential fire hazard. Instead they can enjoy a brightly illuminated wreath on their front door using battery-powered illumination.

Large or multi-sized lanterns have become quite popular and are often seen in home magazines. However, using real candles can present a hazard if they are knocked over. This is another great place to use battery operated lights or candles. Filling each lantern with one or more strands or pillar candles gives the same ambiance, but in a much safer manner.

Color Changing Flame Battery Operated Lights Votive CandlesMason jars are also being used in every day ways, as well as in decorating. For a holiday look, fill a jar about one-third with sugar for a snowy effect, add some mini-pinecones, a sprig of pine and a flameless tea light. Wrap the top with twine and a small adornment of berries or pine sprig for the perfect tabletop candle. Or make multiples of them and use them across the mantle or down the center of the dining table.

Another advantage of battery operated Christmas lights is their variety. They still come in the traditional bulb variety, in clear, solid colors and multi-colors, as well as in novelty styles. They come in candy canes, snowflakes, mini Santa heads, snowmen, poinsettias, Christmas trees, reindeer, and stars, just to name a few.

When it comes time to deck the halls, try opting for battery-powered illumination this year. It eliminates the cord mess commonly associated with holiday decorating and still gives the desired, festive results.

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