Ways To Use Blue Christmas Tree Lights To Create A Theme

While classic holiday colors like red, white, and green are beautiful and traditional, some homeowners may want to branch out this year with more unique and interesting themes by utilizing blue Christmas tree lights. Over the decades, holiday decorating has become a way for homeowners to showcase their personalities, likes, and interests in addition to celebrating the festive season. Every home is unique, so every decor aesthetic should be as well. With unique lighting colors, various creative themes can be easily achieved.

Winter Wonderland

One of the most obvious, yet classic and gorgeous ways to utilize blue Christmas tree lights in holiday decor is to create the illusion of a frozen wonderland. This color looks stunning on flocked white trees and green pine trees alike. Paired with icicle ornaments with crystal accents, guests will think they’ve walked into a true winter wonderland.


While it may seem strange to mention Hanukkah when discussing Christmas decorations, it’s important to remember than many families are blended and often celebrate a little bit of both traditions. Blue is the signature color of Hanukkah, making lights of that color a go-to for those celebrating the Hanukkah season.

Ocean Themes

Whether homeowners live in beachy areas or not, sometimes bringing a bit of the sand and surf indoors during the holidays can make the long dark days of winter more cheerful. Using blue Christmas tree lights, sand colored ornaments, shell and starfish shaped accents, and sea foam colored garland, amazing ocean themed trees can be something completely unique and beautiful.

Favorite Characters

Another unique and fun way to decorate for the holidays is to showcase the family’s favorite characters. From Cinderella to Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Minions, and Frozen, many popular characters have blue as their signature color. Playing with the right colored lighting and accessories, homeowners can create wonderful homages to their favorite characters.


Celebrate patriotism for the United States of America using red, white, and blue Christmas tree lights. Mixing holiday colors with the colors of our nation’s flag can create a unique and fun holiday theme.


For those who wish to be super creative and different during the holidays, a peacock color scheme can create an elegant and interesting holiday aesthetic. Pair dark greens, blues, and purples with lighter shades of each to create the illusion of these beautiful feathers.

Sports Teams

Many popular football, baseball, and basketball teams feature various blues as their team colors. Using blue Christmas tree lights and other team colors in ornaments and accents, your favorite team can be well represented all season long.

Service Men and Women

Occupation themes make unique holiday trees. Pay homage to police men and women or those who serve in the military by utilizing their signature uniform colors in various ways throughout the home.

Year after year it can get a bit dull to use the same standard colors and themes in your holiday decorating. Branching out and getting creative can help to create an entirely new, but no less festive, aesthetic for your home.

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