Christmas Decorations

While Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, the vast range of Christmas decorations available can be overwhelming. Between trimming the tree, decking the halls and hanging the stockings by the chimney with care, there’s a lot to do before Santa arrives! Knowing what is available can help any decorator narrow down their choices and pick what’s best for their home and their method of celebrating the best holiday of the year.

Artificial Trees

The center of any home during the holidays is the tree. While some choose to pick out a fresh tree, others prefer artificial trees because they are reusable, easy to store, quite literally evergreen and come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and styles. From pre-lit trees to theme trees, artificial trees are great for those who want the beauty of a real tree without the upkeep, mess and disposal after the season.

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Artificial Wreaths

Wreaths are beautiful statement pieces for the front door or any surface. Typically round, wreaths come in many sizes and can be made of actual pine branches. A lot of people prefer to use wreaths made of artificial components such as garland, ornaments and silk or plastic “pine” needles. Artificial wreaths can be bought pre-made, with certain themes and colors already in place or the buyer can choose to purchase a plain wreath and create their own design that matches their existing Christmas decorations.

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Artificial Garland

Natural garland is typically made of pine branches strewn together with ribbon or bows. However, modern day decorators often pick artificial garland because it is long lasting, easy to store and offers a wider variety of options in terms of design and color. Artificial garland can be made of artificial pine, beads, tinsel, artificial leaves, ribbons and more.

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Nothing says Christmas decorations more than a box full of family ornaments. Often passed down from generation to generation, ornaments serve as not only decorations but also as reminders of years past. Ornaments can be simple and round or they can be ornate miniature sculptures. Whether homemade or bought as a souvenir on a vacation, the only limit to what an ornament can be is the decorator’s imagination! Delicate ornaments should be stored in reinforced packaging and on top of heavy, cumbersome items so as not to be broken.

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The most popular Christmas decorations of all are lights. Whether led, bulb or fiber optic, lights bring that essential twinkle and ambiance to the home. Indoor lights can be wrapped around trees, hung on the walls or wrapped within decorative garland. Outdoor lights can be attached to the house, draped on outdoor trees or even lined along pathways using stakes. Lights come in a variety of styles and colors and can be put on automatic timers to help maintain the desired look without driving up the electric bill.

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Outdoor Decorations

Lights, signs, inflatables, wreaths, garden decor and figurines are all great Christmas decorations to showcase the holiday spirit outside of the home. It is best to choose options that are weatherproof and can be stored compactly to save space in the attic or the basement.

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Nothing is more classic than a beautiful, ornate and unique collection of nutcrackers. The tradition of nutcrackers goes far back and spans country borders, as many European nations consider them an art form. They can be delicate and expensive, or novelty pieces promoting fun and imagination.

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Fresh or plastic, mistletoe can help set the scene for the perfect get together or just add a bit of cheer to the home. Typically hung from the ceiling, mistletoe is small but eye catching and can be a great option for smaller homes and apartments.

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What is a present without ribbon? Likely the most versatile of Christmas decorations, ribbon can come in countless colors, styles and materials to help dress up gifts, wreaths, columns, trees and so much more. Ribbon is reusable and can be stored either flat or rolled up.

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Not all homes are located in areas that get cold enough for real snow. For those who live in warmer climates, artificial snow is a beautiful way to bring the feeling of the North Pole to sunny states! Spray snow is available in aerosol cans for windows and glass surfaces, while fluffy artificial snow can be used on tables, counters and shelves as a bed for figurines and villages.

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Nativity Scenes

Likely one of the most well-loved Christmas decorations, a gorgeous nativity scene is a wonderful way to remind us all of the reason for the season. Available in large wooden or plastic varieties for the yard or small ceramic/glass figurines for tabletops, nativity scenes are meaningful and cherished.

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Often collectible, figurines reflect the places we have been and the memories we love. Whether purchased as souvenirs or passed down from family members, figurines are small pieces of art that act as the finishing touches to a perfectly decorated home. Usually made of ceramic or glass, figurines should be stored carefully in packing peanuts or the Styrofoam they were originally packaged in.

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Other Decorations (Stockings, Table Runners, etc.)

While the Christmas decorations listed above cover the usual go-to items, they barely scratch the surface. Stockings are a must have, and place settings for holiday dinner perfectly set the mood. Not to mention, during the holiday season nearly everything is available Christmas-themed! Towels, oven mitts, bathroom accessories, throw blankets, glasses, bags and clothing are just a handful of the items that can be used to express a love of the holiday.

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All Christmas decorations should be stored in organized boxes and kept in a cool, dry space. Attics, basements, garages and storage closets are all great choices. Outdoor storage locations such as sheds and garages should only be used for durable items that are not irreplaceable, as potential weather hazards could mean disaster for the decor collection that took years to accumulate. Delicate, sentimental and fragile decor should be stored in padded boxes and kept indoors or in a climate controlled facility.

For any holiday enthusiast, Christmas decorations are an integral part of prepping for the season. Some make it a family event, helping to create long-lasting memories for all involved. Regardless what items a decorator chooses to bring into their home, bits of holiday spirit all around will surely help brighten the season all the way through Christmas Day!

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