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Tin Village Church

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Tin snowman Angel Ornament with a Candy Cane.

This 6 Inch metal snowman ornament is wearing a red jacket with tan trim. This metal Christmas ornaments are also wearing an olive green stove-pipe hat.

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Santa Coming Down the Chimney.

Our Santa coming down the chimney ornament is 3.5 inches tall and 3 inches across. Santa has a merry twinkle in his eyes as he begins to climb down the Chimney.

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Clay Cowboy Sitting on a Cactus.

This clay cowboy sitting on a cactus ornament is 4.25 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. This cowboy is wearing a tan hat with a Christmas tree on the crown.

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$9.78 $12.00
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Dangly Sparkle Snowman

The cheery snowman figure is made up of different sized styrofoam balls that is covered in a sparkly white material.

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Musician Angel with a Basket of Grapes

These 7.5 inch angels are wearing a lavender tinted dress decorated with a light blue zigzag line, a silver neckline, a silver belt, and a silver hem.

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$18.56 $23.49
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