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Tin Resin Santas Decorations with Tree.

The 8.5 inch resin Santa's decoration has a wonderful look about it. The Santa is holding a tree in his right-hand while waving to all a Merry Christmas with his left hand.

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$14.83 $16.99
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Standing Santa Claus Collectible Figurines.

Our Santa Claus collectible figurines are 15 inches tall and 7 inches across. This Santa Claus figurine is wearing a blue and red velvet Santa hat.

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$16.77 $20.00
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Tin Metal Gloss Santa Claus Figurine or Wall Plaque.

The 13 Inch Santa Claus figurine is ready for his Christmas eve adventure with a lantern in one hand and his bag of toys thrown over his shoulder.

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$18.63 $36.99
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Old World Santa Figurine with Staff.

The Old world Santa figurine is cone-shaped from the belt down which is painted blue with 3 gold stars showing. Santa is wearing a full length red metal robe.

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$26.83 $31.99
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Tin Angel Tree Topper with Peace Sign.

The tin Angel tree topper with Peace Sign is 14.5 inches tall and 9 inches wide. She has curly blonde hair with a striking wing span.

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$34.97 $42.00
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Green Santa Door Stop.

The green Santa door stop is about 11 inches tall. He has a green cloth Santa hat with a bell on the tip of it and a green cloth body with short arms hanging by his side.

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$14.83 $17.99
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