Christmas Games

Christmas games can turn any party into a hit, as long as the host has a little time to prepare and a positive attitude about it all. A big family gathering can be extremely taxing for the host, as they may have to keep dozens of people busy at once. With a few friendly competitions, though, you can fill a room with fun and laughter. And with the holiday setting the theme, there is a lot of material to draw off of for inspiration.

What are some clever ideas for Christmas games?

When organizing activities for your party, ask yourself how you can use the holiday to your advantage. There’s always the gift exchanges, like white elephant and such. Gift exchanges are classic traditions for a lot of families, but children may grow impatient during them. It helps to have a few active challenges for the little ones. That way everyone involved can enjoy the festivities.

One fun option is decorating the human tree. The kids are separated into several teams and from each team, a volunteer decides to be their team’s tree. Once the competition starts, every team “decorates” their tree with construction paper ornaments and tape. As long as the children are supervised, it is a safe activity that’s sure to draw laughter. After 10 or so minutes, the competitors are told to stop, and an impartial judge decides who the winner is.

For children, the excitement of the holiday typically involves gift opening. Take advantage of this with Christmas games aimed at the activity. One example involves a pair of oven mitts, some dice, and a little trinket that a child would want to win. To prepare for the competition, the trinket should be placed in a small box that is wrapped with many layers of wrapping paper. Once the activity begins, a random child is chosen to begin. They then must put on the oven mitts and start unwrapping the package. The rest of the children are lined up and the one at the front is given the die. They must keep rolling until they come up with a six. At that point, they take the oven mitts and continue the unwrapping. The next child in line is given the die and the process repeats until the package is opened. The one who uncovers the prize gets to keep it.

Sometimes, the best Christmas games are inspired by other holidays. Children love Easter egg hunts, so why not adapt it for your party? Hide toys, stuffed reindeer, or Santas all over the home or yard, and have the children look for them. Whoever finds the most gets the win.

Holiday parties are supposed to be fun for people of all ages. With a few friendly activities, yours will be one to remember.

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