Christmas Lawn Decorations

Giant Hanging Illuminated Finial Ornament SetChristmas lawn decorations aren’t just a tradition to a lot of families, they are a point of pride. Every year, these families pull together to design a beautiful display that not only celebrates the holidays, but celebrates themselves as a tight-knit family. This can be a perfect way to create memories, with everyone pitching in, carols playing on the radio, and everyone being a part of the festivities. This is also a great way to create memories for other families driving around to enjoy the holiday displays, evoking curiosity and wonder, and inspiring the festive spirit.

What are some popular Christmas lawn decorations?

The only limit is the imagination when it comes to outdoor displays. It’s best to think of the yard as a canvas, ready to take on a variety of colors and shapes. The essential component of any display, though, is lighting. Without it, no one will be able to see what you’ve done. Traditional holiday lighting comes in a variety of sizes. The miniature lights are what most people are familiar with and can be wrapped along the edges of the roofline, around windows, around trees, down walkways and along fencing. It can go just about anywhere, and it is available in a range of colors, including white, red, green, blue and multicolor strands. Another primary source of lighting is C7 lighting. It is much larger than miniature lighting and has the exaggerated bulb shape that people find charming. It is also available in a number of festive colors. And in either case, the lighting can be set to race or display in a number of patterns.

Illuminated Gingerbread House and Children SetLighting, particularly miniature lighting, is designed in more than just strand form, too. It is also made in net and ribbon patterns that can be placed over bushes and other items in the front yard. It makes for much easier display setup and removes tangles from the equation completely. Icicle lights are another favorite, dropping down from the roofline, mimicking icicles twinkling in the night.

Once the lighting is set up, it will be time to add the Christmas lawn decorations that will make a real visual impact. Life-size sculptures and models are a sure way to grab attention, and with them, it’s possible to set up an entire holiday scene. Santa, reindeer, nativity scenes, snowmen, nutcrackers, presents and oversized ornaments offer an endless number of options for the creative family. And many items can be hung from trees or parts of the house. Fiberglass snowflakes and icicles are popular choices for hanging displays and bring an extra drop of color and contrast to a scene. Finally, the look should be finished off with some traditional garlands and a few wreaths. The soft greenery is ideal for creating an inviting atmosphere that will play off of the bolder parts of the display rather well, tying it all together.