What Kind Of Christmas Light Bulbs Are Ideal For Decorating?

Christmas light bulbs provide the core of any exterior or interior decorations, but as the urge to expand decorative creativity goes, adding to the existing collection of light strands will bring about a number of options to choose from.

C-9 Transparent Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs for Twinkle LightsWhat kind of Christmas light bulbs are ideal for decorating?

Decorative fixtures come in two primary form factors. Mini fixtures are popular and found in nearly every set of exterior decorations, though they are also a brilliant choice for interior displays. When intertwined with garland or wreaths, they can create pinpricks of illumination around a home, brightening up any room with holiday cheer. Mini fixtures are produced in many colors, and some can be set to blink on and off to music, creating attention getting motion. Mini fixtures are often available in LED form as well, and making the switch to LED illumination is a good idea for anyone who wants brighter and more efficient illumination.

C9 fixtures are also common Christmas light bulbs and are significantly larger than mini fixtures. C9 fixtures are rarely placed inside homes, and they are perfect for illuminating sidewalks, the edges of the home, trees, and other features outdoors. They can also be set to blink or race, and are particularly beautiful when placed alongside mini fixtures. The contrast between the two can offer multiple levels for observing, and this is a surefire way to get people to take notice. And like mini fixtures, C9 bulbs can be designed with efficient and powerful LED technology.

Replacement Christmas light bulbs are a must in any home that plans on decorating, and they can be found in both mini and C9 forms. C9 fixtures can also be made frosted, giving them a softer look, and these bulbs are also available as replacements. Replacement packs can be found online that are compatible with most light strands. If replacements can’t be found, it likely means the strands are outdated and could stand to be replaced.

Replacements are designed to fit into existing strands, so they only have to be plugged into empty sockets to function. Just because the process is easy, be sure to take some basic safety precautions. Before installing replacements, make sure the strands are not plugged in and be gentle when socketing the bulbs, or they may break and produce a nasty cut.

Brilliant lights can brighten up any decorations, indoors or out, so don’t skimp on the fixtures. And make sure there are enough replacements on hand so the display isn’t left in the dark.

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