Ways To Use Christmas Lighting After The Holiday Season

The holidays aren’t officially in full-swing until the neighborhood nights are drenched in festive Christmas lighting. 140 Spectacular Twinkling and Chasing Light Set with Green Wires Christmas LightingThough the majority of people enjoy the traditional arrangements on their houses and trees, crafters, do-it-yourselfers and everyone in between has been finding even more creative ways to use the light strands, even long after the holiday season is over. With a little imagination and just a bit of practice, one can begin utilizing this popular festive decoration in a variety of unexpected ways.

When it comes to decorating the house, sometimes it’s better to consider the surrounding environment, rather than the home itself. Lining the sidewalk or driveway can create another dimension to the standard house outline look. C9 bulbs are perfect for this type of look since they are larger than your typical bulbs. For smaller displays, such as plants or statues, try using a cord of miniatures since the compact construction allows for a tighter control on patterns or designs. Even the holiday Grinches have options, with ribbon and net strands that can easily be placed over bushes, trees and the like.

Christmas lighting isn’t only for the holidays anymore. These days, people are utilizing this great holiday decoration for all kinds of displays and accents. One of the more popular, modern uses for these festive bulbs have been to decorate the walls of kid’s rooms and nurseries. Usually best on a solid, white background, try scattering them in a downward zig-zag pattern a few feet across. Decorate the strands by clipping your favorite photos here and there and a once plain wall has been transformed into a hip take on a photo album. Kids can hang up photos of their favorite things, or their artwork, while adults can create a baby montage for the little one’s nursery.

Multi Colored Globe Led Battery Operated Christmas LightingAnother great use for Christmas lighting after the holidays are over is to use them on the ceiling in a kid’s room. Covering the ceiling can create the illusion of a star field and can double as the room’s primary source of illumination. Or let your inner astronomer take over and organize the strands into real-life constellations to bring a sense of wonder to the room. To make it easier on the electric bill, invest in an inexpensive gadget known as a ‘tapper’, which allows the bulbs to be activated at the press of a button so they don’t stay lit all throughout the day.

For the outside, many types of rustic throwaway items can be brought back to the life with some strategic Christmas lighting. For instance, try picking up a standard iron chandelier that was made to hold some small bulbs or candles. Instead of installing those things, leave it empty and wrap the entire construction with a strand of festive bulbs, creating the perfect mix of old and new. No matter the time of year, any part of the home can be decorated with this holiday favorite.

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