Unique Ways To Decorate A Home With Christmas Lights

Christmas lights seem to be everywhere during the holiday season, used in both traditional and non-traditional ways. 140 Spectacular Twinkling and Chasing Christmas Lights Set with Green Wires With Speed ControlMany artisans are taking to using them outside of the holidays, as well incorporating them into various displays including artwork. Depending on the look one was going for, Christmas lights can add a romantic feel or a bit of eccentricity to almost anything.

What are some great ways to decorate and add charm to the holidays by using Christmas lights? There are plenty of online Christmas stores that have pointers and do-it-yourself blogs filled with ideas. It all starts with a look that someone is wanting to achieve in using them. Some basic applications are on the Christmas tree, on garland, wreaths, and in centerpieces. They can also be used outside, in trees, shrubbery, and along the eaves of a home. However, this is only a short list.

Some ideas for Christmas lights inside of a home are stringing them along the perimeter of a bedroom. This is an excellent way to add holiday cheer to a child’s room. Also, using either white or colored lights and some pins, parents can frame out the shape of a Christmas tree on their child’s bedroom wall. If using them in a master bedroom or a guest room, string them along the border of the room or drape them over the headboard and cover them with a sheer fabric like tulle for a more romantic feel. Placing an entire strand inside various sizes of mason jars or globes and using them either on the fireplace mantle or hearth in conjunction with other décor is a very chic look. Another way to display them is in a large bowl or vase filled with pinecones or ornaments. This is where battery operated lights would really come in handy. This look can be taken outdoors by using large lanterns filled with lights placed on the entry steps or in a grouping by the front door. Another idea for illuminating outdoor trees with these strands is not doing it the traditional way, wrapping the branches, but by stringing them from tree to tree in a diagonal shape, in a similar fashion that people would string them over an outdoor patio space. Also, icicle lights are a very popular exterior illumination, and instead of using them on the home’s eaves, try running them along a tree’s barren branches to give a unique look to the yard.

Holiday cards are typically exchanged, and people are always looking for a unique way to display them. Taking a strand of Christmas lights and zigzagging them across an empty wall or on an antique ladder and then placing the holiday cards on them using decorative clothespins or other attachments is sure to be a conversation piece at the party. And it gives those cherished Christmas cards the recognition they deserve.

With the many ways in which to use these festive light strands, it should be relatively simple to update a look for the holidays or try something new.

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