Finding Christmas Lights For Sale To Use As Holiday Decor

One of the key signs that the holidays are here is seeing Christmas lights for sale. It seems that once the school year has begun, major retailers start to put out their holiday décor for Halloween and Christmas. Clear Diamond Star Novelty Christmas Lights For SaleSeeing these lights for sale sparks the inner decorator in most, and the wheels start turning on how they are going to use them. Around the house? In the shrubs in the front yard? Stringing them up along the trees? Or illuminating a colorful display?

In 1880, it is said that Thomas Edison revealed the first set of Christmas lights strung up at his laboratory to extend some yuletide cheer. Most would say this was a brilliant marketing idea, especially considering that the average holiday season sees Americans spending over $6 billion on just Christmas decorations.

Beyond the holidays, many crafters are looking for Christmas lights for sale to use them in their creations. Many decorators use them in displays as well, and thanks to many DIY sites, people are using them in more ways than they used to.

As technology improved over the years, so did the holiday lights of yesteryear. There are now battery operated strands that contain over 20 bulbs for maximum ease of use. These are great for small craft items, wreaths, and mini trees. They come in clear, multi-colored, solid red, solid green, and many more colors.

Standard strips range in size of 25 to over 300 bulbs per strand. These also vary in color and style. Many LED lights are multifunctional as well. In icicle form they can appear as if they are dripping water. As snowflakes they can appear as if they are falling from where they are hung. The creative possibilities are endless.

For a more whimsical take on this holiday decoration, there are illuminated strands of trout fish, butterflies, cocktail glasses, flamingos, chili peppers and more. For the football fanatic, there is a ten count strand of lighted footballs. Typically these novelty illuminations come as a single strand, and a bulb count from seven to 15.

As the holiday itself has evolved over the years, so has the way people have chosen to decorate their homes, office spaces, and even their cars. And illumination has become a significant part of that. Many homeowners spend tens of thousands of dollars illuminating the exterior of their home for the season. They use a variety of strands and bulbs to help convey the magic of the season. Luckily for them, many on-line retailers have Christmas lights for sale throughout the year.

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