6 Simple Ways To Use Christmas Lights In Outdoor Areas

There are many ways to use Christmas lights in outdoor areas in unique ways, no matter the shape or size of the yard and house. The stress can be taken out of holiday decorating by following some quick and easy tips on where and how to decorate outside. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to decorating, but here are some simple ways to adapt any regular string of bulbs into a memorable and engaging display.

Here are six ways to use Christmas lights in outdoor decorating:

  • 150 Clear Ribbon Christmas Light and Tree Wrap Outdoor Set OnlineTrees – Using trees to decorate with is as old as the holiday itself, but there are many ways to spruce up traditional ideas. Fully wrapping the tree with strings of single-colored bulbs is a quick way to illuminate the entire yard. This works best with trees with little to no leaves, especially those where it can be easy to wrap from top to bottom. Instead of keeping every strand taught against the tree, try letting 4-5 bulbs here and there droop down from the branches to give the tree any icicle-style look.
  • Driveway and paths – Lining any sidewalks or driveways with C7 or C9 bulbs is another easy way to create an organized and enchanting look. Using some simple stakes, it’s easy to line any pathway from the street to the front door. 25 Universal Lawn Christmas Light Outdoor Stakes For SaleConcrete paths aren’t always necessary however, as one could easily create any fancied path throughout the front yard, or string the lights to create a perimeter to enclose any other holiday decorations.
  • Fences and gates – If the property has any fences or gates, either iron or wood, these can be wonderful places to flex the creative juices. Using Christmas lights in outdoor fences or gates is as easy as threading the strands in between the stakes in straight or zig-zag patterns to create any shape, such as stars or snowflakes.
  • Mailbox – This is one of the first things people see when driving up to a house, so it can make a great impression. Try using some mini bulbs to spell out the family name across the mailbox, or run a strand around the post.
  • Buy 140 Spectacular Twinkling and Chasing Christmas Light Outdoor Set with Green WiresRoofline – Lining the roof is probably the most classic look for homes around the holidays. Adding some special bulbs, such as racing or twinkling strands, can give the home a unique look without any extra tough work. Using Christmas lights on outdoor gutters or roof lines such as icicle strands is another easy way to impress onlookers rather easily.
  • Windows and front door – Lining the perimeter of the front door and windows can help to create a cohesive design, especially if the roof is lined as well. For a more untraditional look, try threading the strands in a grid pattern on the windows along the metal framing instead of the outline. Using bulbs and garland together around the front door is a quick and easy way to impress anyone coming over to enjoy the festivities.

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