Christmas Mistletoe

What person has not had the holiday fantasy of meeting their soulmate underneath the Christmas mistletoe? At a crowded holiday party, an attractive prospect is spotted underneath it, and from love’s first kiss a relationship blooms! It is an image depicted in countless holiday films and plays, and even recreated for marriage proposals during the holiday season.

An icon of the holiday and of romance, this plant’s history is not necessarily as romantic as it appears. Featuring smooth leaves of a dark green hue with white bead-like berries, it has been around for so long, there are even mythological origin stories that connect it with Nordic, Druidic and Celtic beliefs. Some of these stories are quite dark, and ironically more representative of the plant’s parasitic nature than of love. But in the Middle Ages this plant served as a symbol of fertility and vitality, and by the eighteenth century had been fully incorporated into Christmas celebrations all over the globe.

In today’s celebrations, we often see Christmas mistletoe as one of the hallmark icons of the holidays, and thanks to artificial, yet highly realistic looking versions we are able to incorporate it into our decor and celebrations in many different ways.


For wreath making, flower arranging or garland decor, artificial picks are handy, easy to use, and gorgeous. With the realistic effect of natural Christmas mistletoe, artificial picks are decorative arrangements of floral designs connected together by a single metal or plastic pick at the end. This pick end can be stuck into wreaths, floral balls, trees or garland strings to add an accent or a pop of color.


Whether for a winter wedding or a decorative vase of flowers serving as the centerpiece of a holiday dinner, mistletoe can also be featured in bouquets. Paired with other holiday inspired botanicals and flowers, it brings a distinctive Christmas feel without being overwhelming or over the top.


Arguably the most traditional form of Christmas mistletoe available, balls are formed using the natural plant or artificial versions and tied with ribbon to be hung from doorways, entrances, or any other space where holiday smooches are sure to ensue! These balls can also be hung on trees as ornaments or on door knobs for added decoration. The ribbon can be made of many different kinds of materials or colors, making sure there is a match for everyone’s decor aesthetic.


An interesting spin on the traditional tree, a mistletoe tree can come in varying sizes and is usually artificial, though very realistic looking. It can serve as a conversation piece in any home, office or business.


Naturally grown, living Christmas mistletoe can be preserved and packaged for shipping for those who want the real thing and are not concerned with allergies or the fact that the plant is perishable. It can be hung under a doorway in the traditional way or used in corsages, bouquets and other floral arrangements for the holidays.

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When it comes to crafting the perfect, festive space for a holiday celebration, making sure iconic Christmas pieces are there is key to capturing the magic of the season. Any room will instantly seem brighter, more cheerful, and a bit more romantic with a little bit of mistletoe.