Christmas Nativity Scenes

9 Piece Fontanini Christmas Nativity Scene Figure & Stable Complete SetChristmas nativity scenes are one of the best ways to show your love for the season and the meaning behind it. Like most other decorative displays, they are available in a variety of sizes, some of them fit for interior displays and some are designed for brilliant outdoor designs. When paired with premium decorative lighting, they will stand out for all to see and shine through the cold winter nights. If a family wants to show its love for the meaning of the celebrations, one of these displays is the perfect way to do it.

What Christmas nativity scenes are among the most popular choices?

The baby Jesus in his manger with Mary and Joseph are the focus of the display, but many people include the three Magi, angels, animals, and the star of Bethlehem to create a complete scene. The angel, wise men, shepherd and animals came to pay their respects to the child resting peacefully in the manger. Some displays include real straw and cloth, but most families opt for displays made from durable materials like sturdy rubber, resin or ceramic. In the intense bitter cold of winter, a display that stands through the elements is a must. Many of these displays are made to look like genuine wood carvings, with precisely crafted lines and subtle touches that produce a unique appearance. If this style is chosen for an outdoor display, make sure it is sealed properly for inclement weather.

In the home, Christmas nativity scenes are made to fit on top of a display shelf or table, or under the tree. Each figure ranges from 5 inches to 27 inches and are made in scale with each other so that they appear in a cohesive display. The stable is also an important piece, and a 12 inch version is ideal for 5 inch figurines. For outdoor displays, a family can find figures that are several feet tall, matching the near life-size portrayal of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Large outdoor displays can also incorporate the Magi, animals, angels and other figures. Some families choose to keep the display simple, while others prefer to add additional pieces. The additional figures are seen as a representation that people of all classes and backgrounds come to celebrate the birth of Jesus. There are, in fact, many figures to choose from, so a family can start a collection that they can add to every year, making for a worthy holiday tradition.

Of course, without the right lighting, Christmas nativity scenes will only be visible in the daytime. Even with enough lighting inside, decorative illumination can help a display stand out. Frosted white C9 lights are an ideal choice because they create stately, sophisticated illumination. This is a nice alternative for those that aren’t fond of using floodlights for humble displays such as Christmas nativity scenes.

The holidays are about family, giving, and a celebration of what’s truly important. With a beautiful display, you can show exactly what is important to you.