Choosing The Right Christmas Ornament Storage Solution

Of all the various items we keep year after year for the holidays, by far the most valuable and treasured are the ornaments we’ve saved from childhood and the ornaments we’ve splurged on over the years. Like any investment, it is so important to make sure that these precious and delicate items are well protected by the use of Christmas ornament storage boxes and containers. Made of a variety of materials, these kinds of storage options are crafted specifically to cradle delicate glass ornaments and protect them from possible breakage and damage.

Paper/Cardboard Boxes

These boxes are usually square and made of a thick paper or cardboard. They come in single, double, and sometimes even triple layer varieties. There are inserts with holes sized perfectly for ornaments to sit in. This separation is what makes this form of Christmas ornament storage so effective. All individual ornaments have their own home, so to speak, where they can lay safely throughout the off-season without knocking into or breaking other ornaments. One downside to a paper or cardboard box, however, is there is not quite as much protection as a plastic container against the elements and nature, such as pests and water.

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Canvas Bags

Made of durable canvas that is less susceptible to the elements than paper or cardboard, these bags have zippers that help keep out pests, as well as pockets for other items such as ornament hooks. Most canvas bags made for Christmas ornament storage have padded tray inserts or special pockets where ornaments can safely sit. These bags also have straps that make them easier to transport. This makes them perfect for large houses or for vacation homes during the holidays. Some even come equipped with wheels, allowing the homeowner to comfortably wheel the bag from place to place as needed.

Formed Plastic Containers

While all of these options are great for protecting one’s investments and memories, formed plastic containers are the most effective form of Christmas ornament storage for a variety of reasons, including keeping ornaments from being crushed by other things while they’re being stored. Paper, cardboard, and even canvas bags are all squishable, meaning they can potentially be crushed under the weight of other decorations in a home’s attic, garage or basement. Formed plastic containers, on the other hand, provide a tough outer shell that can stand up to having items placed on top of it. They also typically have sections specifically formed to fit certain sizes of ornaments. Once closed around the ornament, they typically leave little to no room for movement inside the box. This means that any accidental shaking or dropping is less likely to result in damage to the ornaments.

Choosing Christmas ornament storage that is right for the amount, shape, and size of your ornaments is very important. In addition, think of the place in which the ornaments are being stored. If they are being stored in an attic or basement with a number of other items and boxes and will be exposed to the elements, a more secure and airtight container may be needed. However, if the ornaments are to be kept on the top shelf of an indoor closet, perhaps it is smarter to save the money and purchase simpler paper or cardboard boxes.

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