Why Is A Christmas Ornament A Special Gift For The Holidays?

A Christmas ornament can be very special for different reasons to many people. Some are family heirlooms. Others hold fond memories of childhood, while others are a token of affection or part of a collection from places visited in the past.

Miniature Bird Christmas Ornament Assortment Of 6The Christmas ornament didn’t become widely used in America until the 1840s. People’s first encounters with them were when relatives traveling from overseas would bring them back in their belongings as souvenirs. The story is told that these adornments started in Germany. They were typically crafted of hand-blown glass and hand-casted lead, but as time passed, they became more intricate in detail. Now, most are made of resin, glass, plaster, plastic and metal. Fast forward to 1925 and Japan and Czechoslovakia entered the market, flooding the international marketplace with all types and sizes.  250 million ornaments were being shipped to the U.S. by 1935, and the trend continues to rise to this day.

One popular trimming option is the bird. They are considered the universal representation of joy and happiness. A great example is a set of small glass birds, each embellished with a real feather. They come in an assortment of colors with glitter on their wings. There is also the legendary Christmas pickle ornament. Hailed to have German roots, families hide the pickle somewhere on the tree Christmas Eve night. The first child to find it gets an extra gift, or the first adult is said to have good luck throughout the year. Even though tradition has said it is a pickle-shaped ornament, the pickle itself is what now resides on many trees each holiday season.

A gold star doesn’t just have to take its place on top of the tree. It can grace the branches shining with gold and glitter. There is also a Star of Bethlehem, Nativity Star, and Holy Star to add to the collection of stars. Taking the star theme to the outdoors, add a whimsical touch to the front yard by stringing 20-inch red, gold, and translucent stars among tree branches. While unlit throughout the day, the bold colors shine through, and during the night hours, the mini lights add just enough glow to add magic to the outdoors.

Adding ornaments to any home’s tree adds to the festive holiday feel. And simply said, no tree is complete without them. Many newly married couples receive a Christmas ornament to commemorate their first holiday together. New parents often receive them in recognition of their first child being born. Parents or grandparents will often start a collection of various characters for their youngsters and add to it each year.  All of these reasons are why these adornments continue to be a favorite gift each year.

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