Looking For Christmas Outdoor Decoration Display Ideas

A popular holiday pastime for many is hopping into the car with the family to drive around the neighborhood and look at the array of Christmas outdoor decoration displays that have been set up by the community. The glow of the lights and the chill in the air serve as sure signs that the happiest time of year is upon us.

Shop Online For An Illuminated Gingerbread Train Christmas Outdoor Decoration Now!Classic outdoor decor items such as twinkling lights, seasonal inflatables, and yard signs are all excellent go-to options. But how can homeowners achieve a look that is not only gorgeous and eye catching, but also completely unique? What items can really set a front yard over the top and make it a stand-out of the neighborhood?

Themed Decor

To differentiate a home from all the others on the block, consider choosing a unique theme. Popular holiday characters and stories such as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman make great inspirations for Christmas outdoor decoration ideas. For something a little more different, how about a tropical island theme? Say “mele kalikimaka” to the holidays with a rope light palm tree for the front yard or tropical cocktail string lights on the patio. Sports themes, occupation themes, and religious themes are all interesting choices as well. Another option is to choose a lighting color scheme that is not in line with the traditional colors of Christmas.

Novelty LightsBuy Clear Diamond Star Novelty Lights Christmas Outdoor Decoration Online

For those who want a more traditional look, yet still want to be unique, novelty lights are a fun and interesting choice. A novelty light can come in an array of shapes, from classic holiday shapes like snowflakes and stars to more unusual ones like footballs, beer mugs, and candy shapes. Strung among other Christmas outdoor decoration props, novelty lights can help tie a theme together.

Splash Lights

In the last few years, splash lights have become a very popular option for Christmas outdoor decoration. These unique and easy to set up lights shine a cascade of tiny LED lights upon whatever surface they are pointed toward. They are an excellent, yet simple way to light an entire two story house in seconds. Portable lights are also great for RVs, campers, vacation homes, and rental homes. Newer versions offer motion, allowing for the lights to dance across the surface, creating dimension that is unparalleled by standard lights.


Purchase Praying Angel Garden Statues Christmas Outdoor Decoration Today, OnlineSome may think that statues are reserved for permanent display, however for a classy statement piece to accompany a traditional Christmas outdoor decoration, consider ornamental garden and yard statues that represent the true meaning of the holiday. Beautifully sculpted angels, crosses, and nativity sets can add a truly unique feel to the back or front yard. Some can even serve as decor all year, since spiritual imagery is timeless.

When decorating for the holidays this year, take some time to search for pieces that you haven’t seen before or that don’t necessarily fit the mold of traditional Christmas decor. Check online stores for completely unique items that neighbors will be unlikely to have. With a little time and thought, homeowners everywhere can create an outdoor display unlike any other.

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