Examples Of Creative Christmas Tree Decorations And Ideas

2015 is sure pulling out all the stops when it comes to unique Christmas tree decorations. No longer is traditional ornamentation going to sit idly by muted white or colored lights. 9 ft Long Disco Ball Mirrored Garland Christmas Tree DecorationsNo, this year people are coming up with original ideas on how to take the old and make it new again, or just start from scratch and create something one-of-a-kind.

With creative websites continually popping up and gaining traction, it has become easier to find great Christmas tree decorations and ideas. An example of taking something that would not normally be on the evergreen would be seashells. Enjoy the ocean or live by the sea? Have a collection of shells from the shore? This year, use them as part of the holiday’s decorations. Particularly easy to do with artificial trees, place a string of white lights or even lights covered in sheer gauze and set the sea shells among the branches using the bending and twisting of the branches to secure them. Then place a large abalone or conch shell at the top. Maybe even drape trimmed fishnet among the branches toward the trunk to complete the look.

Stars are also a favorite among Christmas tree decorations. However, they typically only find themselves on the top of the evergreen. Instead, take a strand of star lights and use those to illuminate the tree. Or find some star garland for added embellishment. One could also take larger star cut-outs and use them among the branches in conjunction with other ornaments.

Ribbons aren’t just for presents anymore. Two to five-inch ribbon of various patterns can be tucked into the branches at a diagonal, or swirl around the tree in a spiral pattern. Red and Gold Velvet Garden Holiday Ribbon Christmas Tree DecorationsTaking two types of ribbon like a solid color and a complimentary plaid, striped, or paisley pattern and pairing them side-by-side is a great way to add visual interest.

Monograms are also popping up everywhere, including in Christmas tree decorations. Place a monogram letter on top of the evergreen with either a large bow or some other ornamentation to personalize it. Use that along with a monogrammed skirt wrapped around the trunk to complete the look.

An heirloom evergreen is becoming popular as well. Whether it is an evergreen filled with ornaments handed down through the generations, or one that takes a new spin on the term heirloom. Since printing pictures from the computer have become much easier and the quality has vastly improved, people are purchasing photo ornaments and placing old family photos inside them. Choose a base color like gold or bronze to set the antique tone, and then print the photos and insert them into the picture ornaments. Compliment them by adding gold or bronze balls, garland strands, and white lights to polish it off for a classic look.

Don’t have a ton of money to spend on Christmas tree decorations? Try utilizing bunches of artificial poinsettias. Depending on the size of the branches, place a bundle of two or three flowers in a diagonal pattern down the branches. This adds color and fullness and will pair well with both colored and white lights.

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