3 Tips To Remember When Shopping For Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas tree skirts are perfect accents to tie in holiday decorations and to camouflage ugly and bulky stands. Shop Online For Plush Miniature Red Christmas Tree Skirts Now!The holidays are a perfect time to indulge gorgeous decorations that give a home a personalized touch. What was once only a way to hide an unflattering trunk and the stand it was held in, decorative skirts have come a long way. With different sizes and styles to choose from, Christmas tree skirts can add a touch of festive style for a complete look.

Choose the Right Size

Be sure to pick the right size or the finished product might look sloppy or awkward. The right size will depend on the size of the tree and the stand. The fabric needs to fit over the stand, but should not extend past the branches. Two different measurements should be taken before purchase. Measure the outer diameter of the stand to ensure a proper fit over the stand. The second measurement should be of the diameter where the longest branches extend out. These two measurements will ensure a coordinated and balanced appearance. If the exact size can’t be found, go with a skirt that is a bit larger for the best look. Christmas tree skirts are a beautiful way to enhance a festive display and is the true finishing touch around the tree.

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Christmas tree skirts come in an array of different styles that can fit every decorating style, from country to modern and whimsical to chic. The type of fabric to use will depend on the desired look.

  1. Quilted fabrics add a warm, cozy touch with features such as patchwork or dahlia designs. With different pattern and color combinations, quilted skirts can offer a homemade quality to the finished display.
  2. Luxurious velvet fabrics can be the perfect accent to lush decorations. Velvet adds a soft, huggable texture to the display. Velvet fabrics typically come in solid colors such as red or silver and can be embellished with glitter or scalloped edges. Underneath beautiful twinkling lights, lavish velvet looks dazzling.
  3. For a more rustic aesthetic, burlap may be the way to go. Unlike traditional decorations, burlap embraces neutral earth tones that won’t overwhelm the vibrant green of the tree. Rustic materials don’t necessarily mean forgoing eye-catching embellishments. Ornate cutouts, ribbons, or ruffled edges can create an elegant finish.

The choices are almost endless. Satin, flannel, cotton muslin, and fleece are other common material options to choose from.

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While there is never a wrong choice, some styles can better accentuate different decoration styles. Embrace the ballerina look with a whimsical skirt made of tulle, called a tutu, as a great alternative to more traditional styles. Choose plaid patterns that incorporate several different colors and can be made to stand out on its own or tie together different colored ornaments. Designs can be simplistic and elegant with neutral colors and sparkles, or fun and festive with bright colors and patterns that stand out. Snowman and snowflake patterns are fun, family friendly designs that kids will love. Christmas tree skirts come in so many different varieties, there is one for every style.

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