Popular Christmas Wall Decor Ideas That Make A Great Addition

Christmas wall decor is the perfect way to carry the festivity of the season throughout the entire house. Depending on the item that is displayed, it can be left up through the winter months as well, extending the use of the purchase. From reinvented wooden boards and pallets to canvas art and reusable wall stickers, there are many different options out there from which to choose.

With a quick glance online it’s easy to see that Christmas wall decor has become so popular over the last few years. Whether it is a wooden sign, canvas, or a framed piece of art, adding holiday cheer to the walls is becoming more prevalent. It is in all the leading decorating magazines, and just as runway fashions translate into everyday wear, so do the ideas from design magazines, which make their way into home decor stores. This form of decoration really allows people to personalize their holiday trimming and keep it off the floor and tabletop. Tabletop trimmings and items that are placed on the floor are very common, but they also take up space. And depending on where someone lives, space may come at a premium. This is where Christmas wall decor can utilize a space that is typically left empty during the holidays.

The Christmas wall decor may be a painting of Saint Nicolas in an old Italian village carrying a present-filled sack with small children surrounding him in the streets. It may be a hand-painted snowman painted on repurposed wooden slats that perfectly suits that otherwise empty space in the hallway. Or it may be a picture of a meadow lined with pine trees with snow blanketing the ground that would complement the colors in the guest room. All of these would be easy to add to an existing holiday collection.

Another item of Christmas wall decor that continues to reign in popularity is reusable wall stickers. These come in all shapes, sizes, colors and fonts, and can be customized to include the family name or initials. They can also come in religious formats of verses, nativity scenes, songs or poems. The reusable sticker can be a simple phrase of Noel or Merry Christmas, or it can be an elaborate nativity scene complete with the wisemen and livestock. It can also be a famous quote from a holiday movie or a set of family holiday rules. The only hesitation some people have with using reusable stickers is their storage. Unlike other wall hangings where they are just taken off the nail and stored away, these are a bit trickier. Depending on the size of the reusable sticker, it may take one or two people to remove it. If the original decal liner sheets are not available, then wax paper will work. Remove the decals carefully and place them on the paper ensuring that no bubbles are present. Then roll up the paper and store in an empty cardboard tube. Then next holiday season, unroll the paper and lay flat for up to 48-hours and reuse the decals.

Need to add some holiday cheer to the hallway, entryway, or above the cabinets in the kitchen? Look no further than adding pictures, art, or reusable decals for just the right touch.

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