How Can Christmas Wreaths Be Used For Decorating A Home?

Christmas wreaths have long been a staple of holiday decorating. History tells us little about its origin, but most believe it was used on the front door to either comfort wandering spirits during the cold winter months or, with its circular shape, it was a symbol of everlasting welcome and life. 48 Inch Prelit Everest Fir Large Christmas WreathsToday, most people use it within their home throughout the year, not just during the holidays. And many use them on their front doors as a sign of welcoming guests.

There is an assortment of Christmas wreaths available on the internet. There are both pre-lit and unlit types available. There are evergreens, tinsel wire, beaded, flocked, white sparkle, those with berries and pine cones, and a plethora of other varieties. The shapes also vary and are no longer just a standard circle. If purchasing a wreath online, there are a few things that need to happen once the package arrives. After removing it from the box, turn it right side up and adjust the branches. In nature, branches tend to go out and up. So, in duplicating nature, bring the branches out and give them a slight up-turn. If the wreath is pre-lit, be careful in doing this as the lights will be attached to the limbs and pulling too hard may displace a connection. If it is barren, now would be the time to add any embellishments.

What are some creative ways people are decorating with Christmas wreaths? These are going beyond the front door and into the homes interior. With varying sizes and shapes, they have become a great compliment to the interior holiday décor. Small ones can be left plain or simply decorated and then attached to the back of the dining room chair. In the kitchen, do much of the same as the dining room but attach them to the tops of the upper cabinets. This technique is being seen more and more in home decorating magazines. Another way to decorate with them is grouping them in three’s and hanging them horizontally on an interior door like a pantry door or bedroom door facing the hallway. Many people have repurposed old, paned windows and filled them with mirrors. This is a great place to hang a wreath and add some extra dimension. Laying one flat on a side table with a flameless candle in the middle also adds a nice touch. Christmas wreaths can also dress up a tall mirror in the home utilizing a bold ribbon to hang it.

Another way to use smaller Christmas wreaths is as part of a table centerpiece. Using these as a base, it is easy to incorporate hurricane lamps or multiple candlesticks of varying heights. Depending on how it is decorated, it can also be a base for a decorated tree, a large snowman, or an enchanted Santa figurine.

Some trends that continue when decorating wreaths is either personalizing them with a monogrammed letter, keeping it simple with berries and pinecones, or using bright, bold colors and lots of adornments. A monogrammed letter can be simple or flashy and be complimented by coordinating ribbon or a simple decoration. A simpler version is just plain greenery with a plaid, paisley, or plain ribbon to hang it. Other examples of decorations are bright and bold wire ribbons infused in the greenery with embellishments of sprigs, flowers, and sparkly picks.

With all these ideas, maybe there is a little something true about the folklore; wreaths are a sign of welcome and joy.

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