12 ft Slim Camdon Fir LED lights

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Our Camdon Fir Christmas Tree comes with LED lights. This is our best value artificial Christmas tree given the heavy light & tip count. The tree is PVC, traditional in shape, and has a green trunk. The branch tips are a three tone shade of green adding richness and depth to the tree. The needles are 1 1/4" pine, tapered at the ends. Ample space for wrapped gifts under the bottom of the tree.The profile of this tree features an in/out design to create space to highlight your ornaments.
  • Base Width 66"
  • Lights 1450 LED long stem bulbs
  • Tips 4018
  • LED bulbs have a 5 year warranty
  • Branches are hinged in tree frame for ease of set up
  • Tree comes with a strong steel stand
  • Includes On/Off Step switch cord


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