14 ft Christmas Tree C-7 LED Lights Giant Everest

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  • Base width 9 feet
  • 624 LED C7 Lights
  • Has 10680 tips
  • Prelit trees are packaged with spare bulbs
  • Extra-sturdy conical steel frame
  • Branches are hooked into the frame
The 14 foot Giant Everest Commercial Christmas tree has an extra-sturdy conical steel frame. The frames make a series of stacking levels that connect one on top of the other and bolt together. This tree is pre-wired with high quality Eagle Electric components. Simply attach the branches to the frame and plug the lights into a nearby socket. This tree can be converted into a larger tree by adding or removing 3 foot sections to determine the height you need from year to year. The frame stacking rings nest inside one another so that storage space is minimized.

This natural appearance poly vinyl tree looks like they were recently cut down from the forest. The branches are hung at an angle, instead of flat against the frame like panel trees. This provides the tree with depth and a fuller appearance. It will support heavier decorations. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • Base Width 9 feet 
  • Lights 624 LED C7
  • Tips 10680
  • Prelit trees are packaged with spare bulbs
  • Branches are hooked in to tree frame
  • This tree comes with a steel frame


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