14 ft Flocked Alaskan mini bulbs

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  • Base Width 112"
  • Lights 2600 Clear Dura-Lit mini bulbs
  • Tips 6571
  • Spare bulbs
  • Branches are hinged at the tree frame
  • Heavy duty stand
Flocked Alaskan Tree with lights. This is a very heavy flocked artificial tree with a high light count. The tree pictured has mini lights combined with G50 lights. This larger bulb size really sets off the flocking of this tree and gives you a very unique designer tree. The profile is a very traditional round shape. The bottom branches are very close to the ground. The Alaskan is one of our top selling flocked trees and sure to make your Christmas holidays a memorable occasion. The base Width is 112 inches. There are 2600 Clear Dura-Lit mini bulbs. There are 6,571 tips.
Prelit trees are packaged with spare bulbs
Branches are hinged in tree frame
This tree comes with its own stand


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