15 ft PE Austin Fir LED lights

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The Austrian Fir Christmas Tree has LED lights This is our best value artificial Christmas tree given the heavy light & tip count. The tree is PE/PVC, traditional in shape, and has a green trunk. The branch tips are a two tone shade of green adding richness and depth to the tree. The needles are 1" fir, tapered at the ends. Ample space for wrapped gifts under the bottom of the tree.The profile of this tree features an in/out design to create space to highlight your ornaments.
  • Base Width 88"
  • Lights 2550 LED long stem warm white bulbs
  • Tips 5218
  • LED bulbs have a 5 year warranty
  • Branches are hinged in tree frame for ease of set up
  • Tree comes with a strong steel stand
  • Includes On/Off Step switch cord?


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