20 To 28 Foot Lite Artificial Trees Grand Teton C7 LED

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  • 20 to 28 feet tall
  • Has warm C7 LED lights
  • Chose from clear or multi lights
  • Spare bulbs are included
  • Branches hook into the frame
  • Has a heavy duty steel frame
Grand Teton Christmas Trees.
The 20 to 28 foot Grand Teton's can be used indoors or outdoors. The strong 1 inch green tubular metal frame is Powder Coated for years of life. Each frame section is bolted on top of one another. This is a climbable frame with two foot tall frame sections.

The branches slide into the steel frame (See Photo). The wire use for the branches are 18 gage oxidized wire. The branch tips are made with .14 + .14 weatherproof and crush resistant poly vinyl.
The branches are prewired with electric harnesses. Each branch has 150 lights. A small hinged branch tree is used for the top of the tree.

Chose from either clear or multi colored C7 LED lights (See Photo). Spare light bulbs are included. The tree comes in a metal crate with wheels for storing your tree out of season. This tree is a commercial grade artificial Christmas tree that can withstanding the worst winter weather. This tree is a good value commercial tree.

  • Spare bulbs are included
  • Branches hook into the tree frame
  • This tree has a steel frame
  • The warranty is 10 years on the construction and 3 years on the lights
     Size      Width    Branches        Tips        Lights      Amps  
Tree Specifications
20 Foot 134 59 17,393 1,760 11.79
22 Foot 144 77 21,965 2,200 14.96
24 Foot 154 97 27,045 2,728 18.48
26 Foot 164 121 33,141 3,344 22.70
28 Foot 174 149 40,253 3,960 27.63


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