20 to 41 Foot Artificial Trees Mini LED Giant Everest

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  • Chose either clear or multi colored lights
  • Has M5 wide angle mini spare bulbs
  • Comes with a strong metal frame
  • The branches hook into the frame
  • Branches look natural
  • Future Add On in 3 ft. Sections
  • For Indoor or Outdoor Use
These Giant Everest Christmas trees come lighted with M5 wide angle mini holiday lights. Pick sizes ranging from 20 through 41 feet tall. These natural looking trees have beautiful green branches that hang at an angle to give depth and fullness to the tree. The strong wired branches will hold the heavier Christmas decorations. The thick metal tree frame is made by stacking the three foot layers together. They are then bolted to each other. The tree is pre-lighted with superior electrical wiring and connections. After connecting the frame together you hook the branches onto the frame. Then you plug the branch light end into the electrical socket on the frame. You can also adjust how high the tree is by adding or removing the metal frame sections. To store the frames you can just stack them inside one another to conserve storage space. We strongly advise you to use tree storage bags to protect the tree branches while they are in storage. This large tree can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • Packaged with spare bulbs.
  • The branches hook in to tree frame.
  • This tree comes with a strong metal frame.
Tree Specifications
Size Width Lights Tips
20 Feet 12 Feet 7,140 21,630
23 Feet 13.5 Feet 9,520 28,972
26 Feet 15 Feet 12,180 37,166
29 Feet 16.5 Feet 15,120 46,212
Tree Specifications
Size Width Lights Tips
32 Feet 18 Feet 18,480 56,636
35 Feet 19.5 Feet 22,260 63,238
38 Feet 21 Feet 26,320 80,692
41 Feet 22.5 Feet 30,800 94,524


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