30 to 38 Ft 5mm Commercial Christmas Tree Grand Teton

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  • 30 thru 38 feet tall
  • LED 5mm wide angle lights
  • In both clear or multi lites
  • Poly vinyl branch tips
  • Packaged with spare bulbs
  • Branches hook into the tree frame
  • Heavy duty steel frame and base
Commercial Grand Teton Christmas Trees.
The 30 thru 38 foot artificial trees have a heavy duty 1 inch green tubular metal frame. It is finished with a backed on Powder Coated paint for years of life. These frame sections are stacked one on top of the other then bolted together. The branches inserted into the tree frame (See Photo).

​The branches us .14 x .14 thick weatherproof and crush resistant poly vinyl tips. The tree branches are prewired for easier assembly. The have poly vinyl branch base wire is an 18 gage oxidized wire. The branches are 24 inch in length and have 150 lights on each branch. The trees are value priced commercial outdoor tree.
There is a 2 section tree used for the tree top and it has hinged branches. The tree comes packed in a metal crate with caster wheels for easy storage. If the ceilings are high enough these commercial trees can be used indoors as well.

  • Prelit trees are packaged with spare bulbs
  • Branches are hooked in the frame
  • The frame is steel
  • Warranty is 10 years on construction
  • 3 years on lights
     Size      Width    Branches        Tips        Lights      Amps  
Tree Specifications
30 Foot 184 28 45,850 31,600 21.48
32 Foot 194 32 53,978 37,000 25.32
34 Foot 204 36 63,122 43,000 29.64
36 Foot 214 40 73,282 49,300 34.44
38 Foot 224 42 83,950 55,600 39.48


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