40 To 48 Foot C7 LED Artificial Commercial Trees Grand Teton

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  • Chose from 40 to 48 feet high
  • Has C7 LED xmas lights
  • Comes in many light colors
  • Spare bulbs are included
  • Branches hook into the steel frame
  • Has a heavy steel frame
Grand Teton Commercial Christmas Trees.
The 40 to 48 foot Grand Teton's can be used both indoors and outdoors. The branches slide into the steel frame (See Photo). It has .14 + .14 weatherproof and crush resistant poly vinyl branch tips.
The branch base wire is an 18 gage oxidized wire. The artificial branches are made of poly vinly. The tree has a 1 inch steel conical frame that is power coated for durability. The frames make a series of stacking levels that connect together and then bolted together.

The tree is prewired and the branches hook into the frame. There are 24 inch long branches with 150 lights on each branch. Chose from a rainbow of LED lights colors and style of bulb (See Photo). A small 2 section tree is used for the top and it has hinged branches for easy assembly. The tree comes packed in a metal crate with caster wheels for easy storage.

This tree is a competitively priced commercial tree. This Christmas tree is capable of withstanding the harsh winter weather.

  • Spare bulbs are included
  • The tree comes with a metal frame
  • The branches hook into the metal frame
  • The warranty is 10 years on the construction
  • 3 years on the lights
     Size      Width    Branches        Tips        Lights      Amps  
Tree Specifications
40 Foot 234 46 94,618 9,240 65.30
42 Foot 244 48 106,810 10,296 73.74
44 Foot 254 52 119,002 11,484 92.19
46 Foot 264 54 132,718 12,716 91.70
48 Foot 274 56 146,942 14,124 101.55


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