50 to 58 foot C7 LED Grand Teton Giant Trees

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  • Chose from 50 to 58 high
  • C7 LED lights
  • Spare bulbs included
  • Heavy duty stacking steel frame
  • Branches hook into the frames
Giant Grand Teton Commercial Christmas Trees.
The 50 to 58 foot giant trees are made for both outdoor and indoor use. The heavy duty 1 inch green tubular metal frames are finished with Powder Coated paint to protect the frame for years. The steel conical frames make a series of stacking levels that connect together. The frame sections are bolted together to make the tree structure.

The branches are prewired for easy assembly. The branches are hooked into the steel frame
(See Photo). The branch tips are .14 + .14 weatherproof and crush resistant poly vinyl. The branch wire is an 18 gage wire that is oxidized. The branches are 24 inch long branches and each one has 150 lights. The branches come pre-wired with an electric harness. Chose the bulb color and style (regular or faceted) you prefer (See Photo). Spare light bulbs are included. A two section tree is used for the top of the large commercial trees. The top of the artificial tree has hinged branches. 

The commercial grade green poly vinyl branches and frame are capable of withstanding Mother Nature's windy winters. The tree comes packed in a metal crate with caster wheels for easy storage. If the ceilings are high enough it can be used indoors as well.

  • 10 years on construction
  • 3 years on lights​​
Size Width Branches Tips Lights Amps
Tree Specifications
50 Foot 284" 64 163,198 15,532 112.82
52 Foot 294" 64 179,454 16,940 124.08
54 Foot 304" 64 195,170 18,524 135.34
56 Foot 314" 68 213,998 20,108 148.02
58 Foot 324" 68 232,286 21,692 160.69




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