Large Bethlehem Commercial Tree Toppers

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Select Size:
  • 3 Feet
  • 4 Feet


  • Comes in two sizes
  • Commercial grade
  • Copper hue color
  • Clear faceted beads
  • Four-bolt flat circular base
The artisan style Bethlehem style star comes in two giant sizes. Both 36 and 48 inch sizes are available. It has the same design on both sides for 360 degrees viewing. The commercial tree topper is interwoven with bead crystals and copper threading that will add the perfect finishing touch to your decorated tree. The antiqued metal Christmas tree topper has a blend of cool white and warm 5mm lights. 

These toppers bolt on to the flat disk on the top of the Giant Everest trees. For other types of commercial trees there may be additional tree top alterations necessary.

Additional Information
  • Covered with translucent faceted beads
  • Choose from 36 or 48 inch topper
  • Heavy duty commercial grade frame
  • Four-bolt flat circular base 
Light Count
Size Lights
36 Inches 400
48 Inches 600


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