12 To 18 Foot Unlite Commercial Trees Grand Teton

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Select Tree Size:
  • 12 Foot
  • 14 Foot
  • 16 Foot
  • 18 Foot


  • 12 thru 18 feet tall
  • These trees have no lights
  • Poly vinyl branch tips
  • Branches hook into the tree frame
  • Heavy duty steel frame
Unlite Grand Teton Christmas Tree.
These artificial trees can be used indoors or outdoors. It has thick .14 + .14 crush resistant  poly vinyl needles. These tree is constructed with a 1 inch green steel conical frame. The frames connect together one on top of the other and then bolted together.

The individual branches are slid into the steel tubular frame. The branch base wire is an 18 gage oxidized wire. The branches are 24 inch long (See Photo). A small hinged branch tree is used for the top.

The tree comes packed in a metal crate with caster wheels that can also be used for storage. These Christmas trees can withstanding the worst weather conditions. The Grand Teton series of commercial trees are priced below most other trees. 

  • Branches are hooked into the tree frame
  • This tree comes with a steel frame
  • Warranty is 10 years on construction
     Size      Width    Branches        Tips    
Tree Specifications
12 Foot 94" 6 4,471
14 Foot 104" 8 8,503
16 Foot 114" 9 10,789
18 Foot 124" 12 13,837


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