Commercial Garland

We offer wide variety of Garland that maybe be customized specifically your your needs. This eleminates frustrating overages and possible safety hazards that a look strand of garland can cause. Each Garland strand can be cut or sent as one continuious stand up to 100 feet. 

We also have a wide variety of prelit and unlit garland that allows you the best vavlue or convenice based on your need and budget. 

Newest Products

100 ft x 14" Unlit Canadian Pine Garland

The unlite Canadian Pine Christmas garland has medium to dark green needles. These long garlands can be used indoors or outdoors. This PVC artificial garlands are 14 inches in diameter. The artidicial commercial garland has 2980 tips.

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100 ft x 12" Unlit Canadian Pine Garlands

This Canadian Pine garland is value priced. The Christmas garlands have medium to dark green needles. These long garlands have a 12 inch diameter and are 100 feet long. It has 2860 tips.

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