Christmas FAQs

Snowman StockingsFew holidays are as involved as Christmas, and FAQs associated with the season cover a range of topics, from decorating, to games, to recipes. Almost everyone has some questions regarding the holiday, but some of the most common include:

Should I consider an artificial tree, or should I stick with the natural version?

Artificial trees have been around for decades, but in the last ten years or so, they have rivaled natural trees in both appearance and value. Now they are the clear superior choice. Not only are high quality artificial trees indistinguishable from natural trees, they can be used year after year, can View Our Full Collection Of Stockingscome prelit, are lighter and easier to set up, and will not cause allergies. Not to mention, they are more sustainable and easier on the environment.

What is artificial tree shaping?

It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get an artificial tree set up, but for the best possible look, it’s important to shape the tree so that it appears natural. The best way to do this is to start at the bottom and fan the branches out so they are evenly spaced. While moving up, bend the branch tips up and away from the branch itself. This is how trees grow naturally, and it will fill up the maximum amount of space and look natural. Wearing gloves during the process can help, as it will allow you to slide your hands across the branches and move more quickly.

Are there more reliable and easier to use holiday lights available?

This is one of the most common Christmas FAQs, if only because everyone knows the frustration of dealing with light strand tangles. In fact, many lights now come designed in ribbon or net forms, which makes for easy draping and reduces the chances of tangling. Holiday lights are now made with LED technology as well, and LEDs are brighter, much more efficient, and will last significantly longer, reducing the need for replacement bulbs.

What are some of the most beloved holiday stories?

Everyone is familiar with the iconic holiday poem A Visit from Saint Nicholas, mostly because of its peaceful imagery and the depiction of a joyous, generous Santa Claus. Of course, for many people the reason for celebrating the season is the birth of Christ. Other culturally important holiday stories include Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, celebrated for its themes of acceptance and cooperation, and A Christmas Carol, famous for the grouchy Scrooge and his transformation into a figure of generosity.

The history behind the nutcracker makes for an interesting reading as well. The toy soldiers and toy royalty that people associate with the nutcracker have been around since the 16th century. German carvers adopted the idea of depicting royalty and authorities as a form of mockery, which is why they are created with harsh, exaggerated features. But they have become a favorite tradition for many, and The Nutcracker ballet has probably helped with the fascination of these charming decorations.

These are just some of the most frequent Christmas FAQs. In truth, there is always more to learn about this beloved holiday, and plenty of ideas on how to make it better for your family.

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