Reasons To Buy Flocked Christmas Trees For A Home

Flocked Christmas trees are a favorite for many people. The white branches glistening beneath the glow of white or colored lights seems to say Merry Christmas to all who enter the home. Flocked Christmas trees are available in artificial or real varieties. 7.5 ft Unlit Flocked Alaskan Christmas TreeSynthetic types are flocked by the manufacturer, or the purchaser can opt to do the dressing themselves. Tree lots or nurseries that sell real evergreens often offer the option of flocking to the purchaser. If it is done on a real one, it eliminates the need to water it as it seals in any remaining moisture. When used on a real evergreen, the materials commonly used are cotton fibers or cellulose, spray adhesive, water, some kind of glitter or mica to make it shimmer, and a fire retardant. That is why this dressing can be a safer alternative when a live evergreen is purchased.

When buying artificial flocked Christmas trees, one thing to keep in mind is its lifespan. To get the most out of it, keep it in a cool, dry place and limit its exposure to humidity as a general rule. This can be hard depending on where someone lives and the changing climate, but this will prolong the life and keep it from yellowing prematurely. Keeping it wrapped or boxed properly between uses will prolong the life as well.

Why do people choose to purchase flocked Christmas trees? Many like the appearance of snow during the holiday season, even inside the home. Some like the clean look of the white. Others feel it is a better way to display their ornaments.

Bright, colorful ornaments look striking against the backdrop of flocked Christmas trees laced with white lights, and vibrant garlands of ribbon make quite the holiday statement. It is also a great backdrop for gold decorations, whether it is gold ornaments, ribbon and garland, or just gold accents. Another popular color is using various hues of blue. This is an especially popular color choice. All things winter, white, snowflakes, snowmen and decorations in blue are where the current trends seem to be, and it is showing in holiday decorations nationwide. Soft, muted blues and purples mixed with silver accents and glittering snowflakes is a beautiful take on a winter’s scene inside of a home.

A tree shimmering in white can also be a tremendous compliment to an ornament collection. As a very clean backdrop, these ornaments can shine with the help of soft white lights or strands of a solid color. Someone who has decorations that have a winter wonderland theme would appreciate the white backdrop. Adding sprigs of berries and pinecones with other decorative ornaments, and some silver or muted gold ribbon enhance the theme of winter white. This can be carried over to the fireplace mantle and other areas of decoration within the home.

For those homes that have a very country feel, they can still enjoy the shimmering, white branches as well. It is a great compliment to the rustic stars and bells, ribbons of plaid, wooden accents, and multicolored lights. There are few, if any, homes that can’t enjoy this little piece of winter white in their holiday décor.

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