Choosing The Right Front Door Wreaths For A Home

Front door wreaths are a time-honored way of celebrating the season and welcoming guests. And they’re not just for Christmas either, as many choose to keep them up year-round. Evergreen boughs and other wintry items fastened together to form a wreath have ancient roots, and they continue to be a festive and attractive way of bringing a little warmth and greenery to the coldest and darkest time of the year.

The very nature of front door wreaths opens them up to endless possibilities: essentially anything that is fashionable in the decor’s iconic shape can become a wreath. Consider these observations next time it’s cold out and the front door could use a little sprucing up.

Why do so many choose to use front door wreaths?

The doorway of a home or business is an important place. It’s not only where people enter a structure, but it’s also the single most visible part of the home or business. People naturally look at the entrance of any building. This makes the front door an ideal spot to make a good first impression, and wreaths are a natural option when it comes to decorating the entryway. When a front door area is well-dressed and finely presented, it reflects well on the individuals who live or work within the building.

Even the most basic of front door wreaths can make a nice impression, but putting a little thought into the design is the best way to make a statement. The first consideration would be the style or architectural features of the structure. If the building is Victorian, jazz up the wreath with some lacy ribbon and roses as accents. If the building is more modern, the decoration may feature monochromatic balls and various picks featuring berries and white poinsettias. If the building is more rustic in nature, adding burlap bows and picks featuring berries and nuts might be the best option. There really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to making the decoration stand out and be more inviting to those entering.

Another way to make a statement with front door wreaths is to consider the color scheme of the structure before making a decision on which one to purchase. Determine whether the color compliments or clashes with the color scheme of the home or business. If the tried and true evergreen is chosen as the base, any colored accents will work just fine. And with the selection of picks available at online retailers, adding a personal touch is easy. Whether a musical theme featuring French horns and sheet music is desired, or something a bit more festive like presents and snowmen is preferred, online Christmas stores will have the best selection to add a unique touch.

Other important factors to consider before making a purchase are the size needed and lighting options. The wreath needs to fit the door well. If it is too large, it may take away from the overall look of the building and get in the way of those trying to enter. On the other hand, if it is too small, it won’t garner the welcoming attention that was intended. Size really is an important consideration in this case. Now, on to lighting. Lighting is something that some insist on, while others prefer a more natural approach. If lighting is preferred, look for battery operated LED Christmas lights for the easiest option. LED bulbs last much longer than any other bulbs, making them a favorite for decorators. Simply wrap the lights around the wreath and tuck the battery pack beneath the boughs. They can be switched on and off easily and will add some light and cheer to the front door.

For the largest selection of front door wreaths, visit an online Christmas store and start dreaming of the possibilities.

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