Solar Powered Bird Bath Angel Figure

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  • Solar powered
  • Bird bath
  • Angel figure
  • Garden decor
  • 14 inches wide
  • 10.75 inches tall
  • Made of a resin-stone mixture
  • Roman
This solar powered bird bath angel figure is 10.75 inches tall, 14 inches wide and made of a heavy duty resin stone mixture. There is a little girl angel sitting beside the round bird bath bowl that has a gold bird perched on the side. It is decorated with a vine that has blooming flowers around the top of the bowl. Another gold bird is perched on the little girls right hand as she looks softly down at it with a sweet smile. The angel is wearing a dress with a sweater that has a scroll design trimming the end and a flower keeping it closed at the top. She has long, wavy hair with a flowery halo in her hair and her detailed wings are spread wide open. Its solar light shines from the bottom of the bowl up onto the little girl. Make sure you set it in the sunlight so it can charge daily and ready to use whenever you would like. There is an on, off switch, allowing you to use easily whenever you want.


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