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5 Mini Christmas Light Replacement Bulbs

The 5 pack of steady burning mini transparent Christmas light replacement bulbs are rated for USA 2.5 volts and 170 Miliamps.

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$1.10 $1.50
Save 26.67%

Clear ELECTRIC Flame Replacement Candle Light Bulbs.

The set of two steady burning clear replacement electric candle light bulbs will fit in any C-7 socket.

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$2.11 $3.11
Save 32.15%

C-7 Transparent Replacement Bulbs

This C-7 clear transparent replacement bulbs come in a pack of 4. These steady burning bulbs are guaranteed to light.

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$2.11 $2.69
Save 21.56%

Icicle Christmas Lights With White Cords

The 100 Add a string icicle Christmas light sets have long life, super bright, steady burning bulbs. This decorative icicle lights use heavy duty # 22 gauge wire.

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$14.74 $18.99
Save 22.38%

C-7 Twinkle Replacement Bulbs

This C-7 transparent replacement bulbs twinkle or blink when lite. They comes in a pack of 4. Our transparent replacement bulbs are for USA 120 volts and only uses 7 watts of power.

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$3.36 $4.36
Save 22.94%

C-9 Transparent Replacement Bulbs

This C-9 transparent Christmas light replacement bulbs come in a pack of 4. This steady burning transparent replacement bulbs are rated for USA 120 volts.

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$3.41 $4.41
Save 22.68%

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