Multi Colored Globe Led Battery Operated Lights.

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These LED battery operated lights come with 15 diamond faceted clear or multi lights. It has a silver wire with a flexible clear poly coating that 5.5 feet in total length and 4 inch spacing in-between each led light. There are 10.5 inches from the clear battery box that measures 3.75 inches wide, 2.75 inches deep and 1.125 inches tall to the first bulb. This light strand has an easy to use On, Off push switch to conserve battery power and an awesome automatic timer with a 6 hour ON then 18 hours OFF function. It takes three size C batteries and this set is rated for 25,000 hours, saving you 90 percent on energy costs and are cool to the touch. To insert the C batteries into the battery box just lift the clear top cover from the back and make sure that the positive (+) and negative (-) poles are arranged correctly. Replace the cover. The super bright LED lights are United States UL approved for indoor and dry outdoor use. If used outdoors where they can get wet, place the pack in a plastic sandwich bag and tighten with a twist tie so water does not seep into the battery pack. Complete use and care instructions for the battery powered mini lights are included.


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