50 Mini Warm White LED Christmas Lights

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  • 50 mini warm clear led lights
  • 25 feet long
  • 6 inch spacing
  • Uses 8.4 watts of energy
  • Uses up to 90% less energy
  • Extra bulbs and a fuse are included
  • United States UL approved
The 50 mini warm white led Christmas lights with green wire is 25 feet long with 6 inch spacing between each bulb. They are United States UL approved, only uses up to 90% less energy, only uses 8.4 watts of energy and can be used indoor or outdoor. It has a special feature that if one bulb burns out, the others will remain lit. Before replacing the burnt out bulb, make sure the stand of lights is unplugged. Two replacement bulbs and one fuse is included. This light set star's cool to touch and are break resistant, making them last for years to come. It has a plug at one end and an end connector on the other end for additional holiday light sets, be sure not to overload. For further information, complete use and care instructions are also included.


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