50 Miniature Christmas Light Bulb Sets With Green Wire

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  • 50 Christmas miniature light sets
  • 35 feet long
  • 8 inch spacing between each bulb
  • Shine bright for up to 2,000 hours
  • Uses 20 watts of energy
  • UL approved for 110 volts
  • If one bulb goes out, the others stay lit
The 50 Christmas miniature light sets are 35 feet long with 8 inch spacing between each bulb, only using 20 watts of energy and will shine bright for up to 2,000 hours. You can choose from clear, multi, gold, blue, purple or red bulbs. They come with a special feature, allowing all the mini lights to stay lit if one bulb goes out and are United States UL approved for 110 volts. Before replacing any burnt out bulb or fuse that comes with this set, make sure you unplug the indoor-outdoor lights. They come steady burning but by replacing one bulb with the clear red tipped bulb provided, they will now blink. Three additional sets can be added to these lights and it comes with use and care instructions are included as well.


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