C7 Christmas LED Lights Set.

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  • 50 Light C7 Christmas LED Light Set.
  • 50 foot long Commercial light strand with plugs at both ends.
  • Faceted Plastic Light Caps.
  • 7 Colors - Clear, Multi, Amber, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow
  • Connect up to 8 strands of lights together.
  • Uses 0.3 watts of power and 0.02 amps with an 8 amp usable rating.
The 50 Christmas LED light sets come with C7 bulbs with a faceted plastic cap, giving them a unique look. They come in 50 feet long cords with a 12 inch spacing between each light that has a convenient clip to secure the bulb and socket onto branches or yard stakes. These LED bulbs shine brighter than the old tungsten bulbs and in seven different colors which are clear, multi colors, amber, blue, green, red and yellow. These United States UL approved Christmas light set can be used indoor or outdoors and will remain lit if one bulb burns out. Each c7 LED bulb will fit in most c7 #16 gage wire sockets, using 0.3 watts of power and 0.02 amps with an 8 amp usable rating. Note: If you use our commercial #16 gage wire with 50 lights you can connect together 8 sets (400 Feet of lights) in one continues strand. The extended strand of 400 bulbs will draw approximately 8 amps and from 120 to 185 watts of power. How to add more lights together: If a ( T ) connection is made with a heavy duty extension cord, a continuous light string length of 800 feet (or 800 bulbs) can be made. Complete use and care instructions are provided.


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