c9 Outdoor Christmas Lights Sets With Green Wire

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  • C9 Christmas lights set with green wire
  • Sold by the Case
  • 50 feet long with 12 inch spacing
  • Can be used indoor or outdoors
  • Commercial grade wiring
  • UL approved for 110 volt outlet
  • Uses 175 watts of electricity
  • Connect up to 4 more light sets
The c9 outdoor Christmas lights sets with green wire are sold by the case. They are 50 feet long with 50 steady burning bulbs that measure 2.875 inches long, 1.875 inches wide and the metal screw in connector is .375 inches in diameter. It has a commercial grade wiring with a parallel circuit, allowing all the other lights to stay lit if one bulb burns out. You can choose from six colors that include; multi, amber, blue, green, red and purple. The heavy duty green light strand's have 12 inch spacing between each bulbs and on each socket, there is a plastic clip that can secure the holiday lights on Christmas tree branches. At the end of each heavy duty green cord is plugs allowing you can connect up to four light sets together. If a T connection is made with the right outdoor extension cord, a continuous light string length of 200 feet (or 200 bulbs) can be made. It has safety coated 16 gage wire that is rated at 13 amps and each strand will handle up to 840 watts of electricity and should be used for outlets rated for 115 to 125 volts of electricity. These holiday light sets are United States UL approved for 110 volt outlet and uses 175 watts of electricity and has weather proofing wire coating with locking electrical sockets will assure a water tight plug connection. Be sure not to over tighten the C9 bulbs causing the protective glass covering to crack or break. Make sure you always unplug your lights before installing or replacing a burnt out light bulb. They are not toys and to avoid the risk of fire, burns, personal injury or electric shock the bulbs should not be played with or placed where small children can reach the replacement bulbs. To reduce the risk of overheating, replace any burned out bulbs promptly and make sure you use the proper replacement bulbs for the lights with like volt and wattage replacement bulbs.


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