Icicle Christmas Lights With White Cords

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  • Icicle Christmas lights with white cords
  • 9 feet long with 100 super bright mini lights
  • Will burn 2,000 hours
  • Uses 41 watts of electrical power
  • Lights stay lit if one bulb burns out
  • UL approved for 110 volts
These icicle Christmas lights with white cords are 9 feet long and strung with 100 super bright steady burning mini lights. They have 18 icicle dropping in lengths that vary in size and will burn 2,000 hours, only using 41 watts of electrical power. If one bulb burns out, the others will stay lit and this set comes with replacement bulbs and fuses, as well as use and care instructions. They are United States UL approved for 110 volts and uses a heavy duty #22 gauge wire, allowing you to connect up to three sets together. Make sure the indoor-outdoor icicle lights sets are used in outlets rated for 115 to 125 volts of electricity. Do not close your doors or windows on the extension cords as this may damage the wire insulation and never cover them with any type of paper, cloth or any material. So not leave them during for a long period of time, unplug before going to bed, replacing a bulb and leaving your home or office for long periods of time.


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