Ivory Indoor Wireless Remote Control.

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The ivory indoor wireless remote control will allow you to turn on and off your Christmas display's from up to 50 feet away in the warmth of your own home. No more running outside in the rain or winter. These radio frequencies can activate the transceiver through walls, windows, car or garage. When unit is plugged in and active, a light indicator will glow to warn that it is indeed working. This Westinghouse product is rated to handle up to 8 amps, 600 watts of current and is UL approved for 120 volts AC receptacle. The indoor or outdoor control base has a seven inch heavy duty grounded power cord with strain relief plug construction for longer cord life. With plug blades being nickel-plated, it allows for longer life and electrical contact. You can use this keychain remote lighting system to turn off anything from lamps to appliances as long as their plugged into control base, batteries are included. Caution: Make sure the cords are fully inserted. Unplug the cords when not in use for long periods of time. Install the power cable and remote controls above ground level with the receptacle hanging in a downward position so it will not fill up with water when it is raining or snowing. They are suitable for damp locations, however, is NOT for water immersion or for use where directly exposed to water. Do not surpass the electrical rating marked on the remote set, total of 1,000 watts. If the number of watts are not marked on the appliance to be used, multiply ampere rating (on nameplate) by 125 to determine equivalent watts. Add determined watts for each plugged-in appliance or lamp (sum of watts on bulbs) to find total watts being used. Operating temperature range is -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 113 degrees Fahrenheit or -30 degrees centigrade to 45 degrees centigrade. Inspect the remote control lights unit periodically for defects and do not use a damaged remote control power switch set. Pictures of remote controls are not actual size.


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